Jazz Nights Patrícia Vasconcelos Friends

The Bar 38º41’ at Altis Belém Hotel & Spa has prepared for you a special agenda of true evening entretainment. 

The Jazz Nights with Patrícia Vasconcelos & Friends returned in April and continued in summer. Save the date of next Jazz Night, the first in autumn, with the voice of a special guest, 28th october, on 10.30pm

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Altis Avenida in the

After the visit of the spanish journalista Maribel Vives to Altis Avenida we find out her opinion in a article published in the

This hotel es classic, urban and chic option, a hotel that will survive with elegance and impact the passage of time, that usually is implacable with those establishments that follow tendencies and fashions.

Contest Slipper on the Foot

Contest Slipper on the Foot

In the ambit of social and environment responsibility the Altis Hotels Group has created a special program that results in collecting, washing and donating slippers, to charities institutions. In an environmental way, this project aims to increase the life cycle of slippers and from the social point of view give comfort to those in need.

In this project, Altis Hotels Group through the creation of a contest to develop a digital logo counted with the participation and involvement of students and professors from the CED colleges Maria Pia and Jacob Rodrigues Pereira.

The delivery of prizes took place on the 8th of April at the Altis Grand Hotel.

1st Place | Francisco Rocha


2nd Place | Luísa Almeida                                                       3rd Place | Claúdia Rafael Lopes Santos 

We thank all the students who participated in the competition, thus contributing to the Slipper on the Foot project and also to Dra. Sonia Alves from Casa Pia who coordinated the realization of the Competition in Colleges of Casa Pia. The Altis Hotel Group acknowledges the special commitment and dedication of our Laundry employee Alcídia Batista and to the Responsible of Social and Environmental Responsibility Projects, Ana Conceição.

Dra. Sonia Alves da Casa Pia | Eng. Paula Manjericão | Ana Conceição | Alcídia Batista


The Wine Magazine announced the results Best of the Year 2015

Chef João Rodrigues the Best Head Chef of 2015

Wine Magazine | The Best of the Year Awards

The Wine magazine – The Essence of Wine has recently announced the winners of 2015 edition of The Best of the Year Awards, that distinguish the personalities and projects in the wine and gastronomy field.

The Wine magazine elected Chef João Rodrigues for the prize of The Best Head Chef of the 2015 year. In the Chef words this prize although individual is a reflection of team work.

Yet during the presentation of nominations, the Wine magazine described Chef João Rodrigues as consistent and a perfectionist that accepts the rules of the game, fulfilling diverse genres of clients, without, however fear the risk. The balance with which these connections are met, allow the Feitoria Restaurant to be in the best period ever.



Altis Grand Hotel and Altis Suites have a new General Manager

Altis Grand Hotel and Altis Suites have a new General Manager

Rui Fajardo is since the beginning of the year the new General Manager of Altis Grand Hotel and Alts Suites, two unities of Altis Hotels Group located in the Castilho Street.

The new General Manager has a degree in Hostelry Management by the Superior School of Tourism and Hostelry of Estoril, having worked throughout his career with several hotel chains in Portugal and Brazil.

In the words of Rui Fajardo the big challenge of being part of Altis Hotels group and assuming the position of General Manager of Altis Grand Hotel and Altis Suites, lies by one side in the importance and relevance of the group in Lisbon history, and by another side in the continuity of the process of repositioning the bigger and most iconic unity of the group.

Altis Belém | Luxury Romantic Hotel 2015

Luxury Romantic Hotel 2015

Altis Belém Hotel & Spa distinguished by World Luxury Hotel Awards

Altis Belém Hotel & Spa was, on 24 October, distinguished by World Luxury Hotel Awards with the award as Country Winner Luxury Romantic Hotel 2015.

The World Luxury Hotel Awards is a prestigious international organization that promotes the luxury hotels of effort in their day-to-day in order to continuously improve its services.

These awards aim to encourage and raise more and more standards of service and comfort for guests in the hotel industry.

The team of Altis Belém is grateful for the recognition that has been assigned for this award.


Inez Nobre, Altis Belém Luxury Romantic Hotel | Adélia Carvalho, Valverde Hotel | Sheliza Din Myriad, Sana Luxury Hotel.

Oncological Nutrition Book

Oncological Nutrition Book

For a donation of 20€, receive the offer of 1 book 

João Rodrigues, the Executive Chef of Altis Belém Hotel & Spa is one of the invited Chefs that participated in the book of Oncological Nutrition, developed by aTTitude, IPSS. 

This book seeks to contribute to improving the lives of cancer patients and their families, providing them with better quality of life during the treatments.

With 87 recipes of 15 renowned Chefs and one chapter about oncological nutrition written by an oncologist and a nutritionist, with the goal to help each patient to find for himself the alimentation and the recipes that at each moment are more suitable to they're capacity, tolerance and taste! 

All contributions revert to the financing of a basic training course program in oncology nutrition and one program of courses and a program of advanced training courses in pediatric palliative care. Together we will give voice to this cause!

This initiative has the patronage of His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Society of Oncology and the Portuguese League Against Cancer.

Find more about this in


A Bunch of Chefs

A Bunch of Chefs

From kitchen to the blogosphere

The national blogosphere has just won not one but four new stars. A Bunch of Chefs is the new project of the chefs from the Altis group. Carla Costa, João Rodrigues, João Correia and Rui Santos Silva, started this adventura of sharing experience in this new gastronomic blog.

The blog A Bunch of Chefs has born with the aim to get to show the day-to-day of restaurants and bars of the hotels in the group with cooking tips, recipes and sharing of personal tastes from the chefs and their teams.

In this online space, the leaders and teams from restaurants and bars Altis Hotels, share recipes, tips, tricks, talk about their favorite products, publish special menus, cocktails and their new restaurant cards and unveil curiosities of their day-to-day work.

The Chefs are getting ready rigorosly for this new adventure. With the support of Samsung they realized a workshop on how to photo shoot food with a mobile phone in the space Samsung Chef's Experience. And it will be through photography that chefs will show to all lovers of cooking that they can’t lose a bit of published content. With the Samsung Galaxy S6 + edge, and its differentiating feature of taking photos of food, the photos of each post will shine even more.

Along with Samsung, as technological partner, also AVIS and Bragard are partners in this project.

See the new gastronomic blog A Bunch of Chefs |

Social and environmental Responsibility stamps

Altis Hotels distinguished

With Social and environmental Responsibility stamps

The Portuguese Association of Hospitality (AHP) launched in September the Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability stamps with the goal of award socially and environmentally committed Hotels, grounding this way the sustainable growth.

At the 27th Congress of AHP, the Altis Hotels were distinguished considering the commitment to the many initiatives implemented in the hotels:

- Participation in the project "1 mattress, 1 heart" of the AHP;
- Donation of slippers to the project Slippers in the Foot, in collaboration with charitable institutions;
- Donation meals at Night Accommodation Association of Lisbon through movement of "Zero Waste";
- Collection of plastic caps for Dona Estefania Hospital's project of acquisition of new hospital equipment;
- Protocol with Quercus for the collection of cork stoppers and planting of indigenous trees;
- Collection of used Battery’s for Ecopilhas;

Altis Grand Hotel, Altis Suites, Altis Avenida, Altis Prime and Altis Belém & Spa Hotel were awarded with stamps of Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability and the Altis Park was distinguished in the Environmental Sustainability area.

Raúl Martins, The Board of Directors Chair of Altis Hotels Group