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Located beside Tagus River, Lisbon is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city. Lisbon as been a meeting point between cultures since the 15th century. The “City of 7 hills” preserves all of its historic importance in a perfect combination with actuality.

Lisbon is an illuminated city with a strong Soul and essence that combines history with the latest trends. It has now become a favourite city for trendsetters and foodies. The Tagus and the Sun, almost always present, are a reflection of the colourful Portuguese capital, where eye catching rare beauty and unique architecture go hand in hand.

In Lisbon, there is always so much to see and do; a world of possibilities and experiences is open to each visitor for any tastes and personality:
- Walking the streets of Lisbon through a thousand years of history, rich in monuments, typical neighbourhoods where the city was and still remains genuine
- Visit Lisbon's Tagus waterfront with a promenade dedicated to leisure plus the landmark area that connects Belém to the state-of-the-art Parque das Nações.
- Have fun with a vibrant night out in Lisbon, remaining full of life until dawn.
- Take advantage of a more sporty side of Lisbon made up of footpaths, cycle paths, golf courses and enjoy the river and sea for sailing and water sports.
- For a serene experience visit Lisbon’s parks, gardens, viewpoints, cafes and terraces.
- Awaken all the senses in a Lisbon full of colour, flavour, aroma and sounds of gastronomy, arts, Spas and shops.

Altis Hotels are located in the most important areas of Lisbon from the business district to Historical quarter and shopping areas. Altis Hotels are a genuine invitation to everyone trying to discover the Soul of Lisbon.

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