Contest Slipper on the Foot

In the ambit of social and environment responsibility the Altis Hotels Group has created a special program that results in collecting, washing and donating slippers, to charities institutions. In an environmental way, this project aims to increase the life cycle of slippers and from the social point of view give comfort to those in need.

In this project, Altis Hotels Group through the creation of a contest to develop a digital logo counted with the participation and involvement of students and professors from the CED colleges Maria Pia and Jacob Rodrigues Pereira.

The delivery of prizes took place on the 8th of April at the Altis Grand Hotel.

  1st Place | Francisco Rocha

2nd Place | Luísa Almeida

3rd Place | Claúdia Rafael Lopes Santos 

We thank all the students who participated in the competition, thus contributing to the Slipper on the Foot project and also to Dra. Sonia Alves from Casa Pia who coordinated the realization of the Competition in Colleges of Casa Pia. The Altis Hotel Group acknowledges the special commitment and dedication of our Laundry employee Alcídia Batista and to the Responsible of Social and Environmental Responsibility Projects, Ana Conceição.

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