Clean & Safe

Dear Altis Hotels Friends and Guests,

We’re living in a unique situation; never have we had to close any of our Hotels in our group’s 46+ years of existence, not for one day. We’ve kept one of our six hotels up the – Altis Suites. It was a difficult and sad decision for the Altis family, but our priority and main concern is the health and safety of our guests, employees, partners and their families, always.

In these times of uncertainty, we would like to inform you that we remain committed to ensuring that all preventive measures in our Hotels are strengthened. We also want to assure our guests that we understand the need for flexibility in travel planning during this time, and we want everyone to feel confident when making a reservation.

Gradually, and always in accordance with the guidelines of the national authorities, we will reopen our hotels and restaurants with the Clean&Safe seal awarded by Turismo de Portugal (Portuguese tourism authority).We already open the Altis Avenida Hotel on the15th june and the Altis Belém Hotel on August 1st.Unfortunately given the evolution of the pandemic, we had to close the Altis Avenida Hotel again on the 31st October 

Evidently, we will reopen according to the new normal, for which we are well prepared, with new detailed protocols focusing on health and hygiene in all operational aspects of our hotels.

The detailed Altis Hotels health and safety protocol with all implemented measures is available at

With these measures, we want to ensure that we will be prepared to welcome you when you feel ready to travel, with the same quality, dedication, professionalism and passion that is typical of our Altis team.

Thank you, we hope to welcome you soon!

Raul Martins and Maria Júlia Martins Valente-Rodrigues
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Administrator of Altis SA 



Flexible reservations
The exceptional situation we are facing has allowed us to change our cancellation policy for existing individual reservations as well as stays until 30 September 2020, with the possibility of rescheduling or opting for a voucher of an amount equal to the payment already made, in accordance with the Decree-Law of April 2020.

Voucher Conditions:

  • Valid until 31 December 2021.
  • It is issued upon the guest's request and is non-transferable.
  • It can be used by the booking customer or companion, serving as a payment method for services of equal value.
  • Flexible rebooking.


Rebooking Conditions:

For reservations that were not placed directly on the Altis Hotels website or with the reservation team, we kindly ask you to contact your partner directly.

Health and Safety Measures:
At Altis Hotels, the comfort, health and safety of our guests, employees and partners are always our main concern. We consistently maintain the highest levels of our quality, environmental and safety systems, with strict procedures and measures to protect life, be it regarding emergency response, safety, health or hygiene, in all areas of our Hotels. These systems are regularly audited by independent bodies with a focus on continuous improvement.
Due to the current situation, additional measures have been implemented as part of the Clean & Safe seal of Turismo de Portugal, the Portuguese tourism authority.



  • Before arrival, guests will be asked for information about their personal preferences regarding the service and interaction with our employees.
  • A kit including a mask, hand sanitiser and disposable gloves will be available at check-in.
  • Alcohol-based antiseptic solution dispensers will be placed near the entry points of hotels, restaurants, bars and bathrooms.
  • The mandatory use of a mask in the common areas of all hotels will be implemented.
  • We encourage you to book your reservations in our restaurants in advance to avoid waiting lines and to ensure your safety.



  • We have significantly increased sanitisation in all areas of the hotel, especially at the points of greatest contact, such as counters, door handles, elevator buttons, telephones, bedside buttons and others.
  • We have reviewed our sanitisation plans to ensure that efficient products are used to eliminate the virus.
  • We have revised the procedure for changing the bed sheets and sanitising the rooms, favouring safety and ensuring the effectiveness of sanitisation.
  • We have reassessed laundry programs by increasing sanitising cycles.
  • We have readjusted the layout of restaurant and bar premises to ensure physical distancing, recommended by competent authorities.
  • We ensure regular air renewal in restaurant areas, rooms and enclosed spaces by using renewed air handling units and opening windows.



  • We check the temperature of all employees, suppliers and other visitors, and implement standard protocols for the use of sanitising and cleaning equipment.
  • We check the temperature of all our employees, partners and visitors. We encourage self-monitoring and provide individual counselling along with our medical services.
  • We provide our employees with all personal protective equipment suited to their duties.
  • We are currently informing and training all our employees with regard to the new procedures adopted in the Hotels in accordance with the contingency plan and the safety and hygiene measures recommended by the competent authorities.
  • We enforce preventive safety measures for all suppliers and service providers.


The Group continues to monitor the evolving situation and follows the guidelines of the World Health Organisation and of the many national health authorities with the aim of reacting quickly and effectively in adapting our procedures to ensure safety and comfort for all.

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