Restaurant Feitoria and Chef João Rodrigues were the big winners Mesa Marcada Awards 2016

The results of the "10 Restaurants and 10 Chefs Favorites of the  2016" are already known, at a ceremony held this year at Gin Lovers at the Embassy in Lisbon.

At the 8th edition of Mesa Marcada awards, Feitoria Restaurant and Chef João Rodrigues were the winners of both categories, Restaurant and Chef. The Restaurant rose two places compared to the 3rd place last year. Chef João Rodrigues, who was in 4th place in the Top 10, went up 3 positions, continuing to be one of the top Chefs in the Top 10 of Mesa Marcada since 2014.
Apart from revealing the usual winners, were awarded the prize of “The Best of the Year”, to the Chef or to the restaurant that has grown more in the top 10, also were launched some special awards to the Best New Restaurant and to the Revelation of the Year Chef. The most recent award “Day Table” which results from the vote of the jury in a restaurant for day-to-day or moderately priced, was given to Taberna da Rua das Flores Restaurant.
These awards are unique in Portugal and result on the vote of a panel of judges linked to gastronomy. The panel this year is composed of 147 judges, including chefs, responsible for restaurants, journalists, bloggers, critics and foodies.

Cooking atelier at the school

As usual in my child's school, the school's parents association (APEE), to which I belong, organizes different activities for children.

On the 14th of October it was held a cooking workshop for the little ones, in which I would be happy to participate, under the theme "Healthy Food Day".

The aim is to encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables, different and creative ways.

I took advantage of this moment of learning and sharing and challenged children to create fresh fruit pepelotes. In this case, we have various types of fruit in aluminum foil, closed like a package and take to the oven. Last few minutes the fruit is ready.

NOTE: Pictures taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Oncological Nutrition Book

For a donation of 20€, receive the offer of 1 book 

João Rodrigues, the Executive Chef of Altis Belém Hotel & Spa is one of the invited Chefs that participated in the book of Oncological Nutrition, developed by aTTitude, IPSS. 

This book seeks to contribute to improving the lives of cancer patients and their families, providing them with better quality of life during the treatments.

With 87 recipes of 15 renowned Chefs and one chapter about oncological nutrition written by an oncologist and a nutritionist, with the goal to help each patient to find for himself the alimentation and the recipes that at each moment are more suitable to they're capacity, tolerance and taste! 

A Bunch of Chefs

The national blogosphere has just won not one but four new stars. A Bunch of Chefs is the new project of the chefs from the Altis group. Carla Costa, João Rodrigues, João Correia and Rui Santos Silva, started this adventura of sharing experience in this new gastronomic blog.

The blog A Bunch of Chefs has born with the aim to get to show the day-to-day of restaurants and bars of the hotels in the group with cooking tips, recipes and sharing of personal tastes from the chefs and their teams.

In this online space, the leaders and teams from restaurants and bars Altis Hotels, share recipes, tips, tricks, talk about their favorite products, publish special menus, cocktails and their new restaurant cards and unveil curiosities of their day-to-day work.

A 4 hands unmissable dinner in Bergamo

João Rodrigues is the invited chef to participate at the 1st of Dezember in a dinner organized by the Chef of Hostaria Restaurant in the Hotel Relais San Lorenzo, Antonio Cuomo.

The dinner will be done in 4 hands by Chef’s Antonio Cuomo and João Rodrigues, sharing knowledge, experiences and different cooking in a degustation of flavors.

Antonio Cuomo is a young and talented chef that has demonstrated his potential in the kitchen of Hostaria Restaurant, practicing a philosophy that involves simple tastes and traditional recipes with creativity and new techniques.

For the dinner the Chef João Rodrigues will bring with him unexpected colors and flavors of Portuguese cuisine in to a unique ambience.

For more information and reservation | www.relaisanlorenzo.com and hostaria@relaisanlorenzo.com