Environmental Policy

The Altis Avenida Hotel, located in a building with significant historical and architectural importance, compromises itself in applying the environmental requirements defined by law and in accordance to the standard NP EN ISO 14001:2012 in all service areas of the hotel.

Daily operations have environmental impacts related to energy, emission of carbon, consumption of water, consumptions of materials, production of waste and others.

We assume responsibility to implement and develop a manageable environmental system in order to avoid inefficiency and aim to:
- Optimize consumption of water and energy
- Manage and route waste adequately
- Guarantee the safety of our guests and employees
- Fight pollution and unnecessary waste
- Develop an effective ecological conscience
- Rise our competitiveness
- Fulfill legal obligations

At the Altis Avenida Hotel, we have a strong consideration for the well-being of the community that surrounds us – clients, employees, suppliers and the public in general. Our dynamics allow us to constantly improve our environmental management and resources by sensitizing our guests, train our staff and share our environmental policy with whoever we are in touch with on a daily basis.