Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our group is committed to participate actively in social responsibility and environmental preservation projects.

Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of everyone, by associating with partners that promote the social, environmental, cultural and sport enhancement.

Our partners
Zero Desperdício
The Associação Dariacordar, through its Zero Desperdício (Zero Waste), promotes the recovery of alimentary surplus that normally were not used by the kitchen.

The Altis Hotels Group are partners since March 2013 with the Associação dos Albergues Noturnos de Lisboa by donating of 55 meals per week.

The Altis Grand Hotel is a partner of the project AdaPT AC:T, which seeks to develop a methodology that allow the evaluation of vulnerabilities of tourism enterprises regarding climate changes and to support the process of creation of adaptation plans. 

The project is funded by EEAgrants and Fundo Português de Carbono (Portuguese Carbon Fund), the partners are te NEC and the IPMA, seven hotel groups and collaborative entities.  
Comunidade Vida e Paz


Santa Casa da Misericórdia

The Group has a collection program, washing and donating slippers, to charities. In an environmental way, this project aims to increase the life cycle of slippers and from the social point of view give comfort to those in need. 

Nominee for the Solidarity Project of the 3rd Edition of the AHRESP awards.

Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa
The Altis Hotels joined to CHLC - Hospital Dona Estefania, to collect plastic caps for sale and recycling.

The achieved amount will revert to the acquisition of necessary equipment for the hospital.
Impemented since 2008, the Green Cork, a Quercus project dedicated to the collection of corks for recycling.

The Altis Group has partnered with Quercus, by identifying with the objectives of enhancement of cork as a natural and Portuguese resource. The plan to achieve this pass by planting indigenous trees and by the reduction of waste production. 

Through the funds that Quercus received for the delivery to recycling about 235 tones of cork stoppers, were already plantated about 200 thousand trees (2014 data).  

In 2013, the Green Cork was honored by European Union as on of the best projects that combat the climate changes under the competition "A World that pleases me." 
Altis Hotels participated in the challenge launched by Ecopilhas, under the 6th public collection of Cells and Bateries, that resulted in donation to the IPO of two threatment equipments for cancer patients.

All the Altis Hotels  provide recipients to collecting used batteries, that we send to Ecopilhas.

The used food oils are collected in all the kitchens of Altis Group and forwarded to be recycled for the production of biofuels, paints, greases, lubricants and detergents.

The used olid soap are collected in all the rooms of Altis Group hotels and forwarded to be recycled for the production of candles, paints, greases and lubrificants.