Rossio Gastrobar

A new space with a view over Lisbon has opened and promises to conquer the capital.

The Rossio Gastrobar, on the 7th floor of the Altis Avenida Hotel, located right in the centre of Lisbon, opens from wednesday to Sunday and offers an ambitious menu that is different, with its own identity. The choice of dishes and their high quality are determined by products that are in season.

This fantastic menu is accompanied by a wide variety of cocktails prepared by the Bar Chef Flaviana Andrade and a wine list. This good food and drink is complemented by a third element: music. An author’s playlist harmonises perfectly with the space.

The unhindered view over the city served as the inspiration for architects Cristina Santos e Silva and Ana Meneses Cardoso, who took advantage of the unique exposure to give prominence to the outside area, coupled with functional furnishings that are comfortable, above all else. Examples are the large armchair that ensures the best views over the Tagus River and the high table that is ideal for socialising on evenings at the close of hot afternoons.

Rossio Gastrobar

On the seventh floor of Altis Avenida stands the Rossio Gastrobar with one of the best views of the city of Lisbon and delicious proposals

Location: Altis Avenida Hotel