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Rossio | Conde Nast Traveller

Rossio Gastrobar at the top of Condé Nast Traveler

Portugal is in the top 3 of best Countries in the World 2020 in the reader’s choice awards of the prestigious Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

Still in the spotlight on Portugal, which includes our beaches and the Azores, it is in the selection of the 10 best things to do in Lisbon that Rossio Gastrobar appears in great prominence, for its unique view, excellent cuisine and fantastic cocktails.

Follow these recommendations and visit us on the 7th floor of the Altis Avenida Hotel.

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Urban Waste

The Lisbon City Council signed the partnership agreement with Altis Hotels, among others, Azad Lda, the Association of Hoteliers of Portugal, Turismo de Lisboa and the Sociedade Ponto Verde for the implementation of URBAN-WASTE. Two of the main objectives are to reduce 2.5% of total urban waste produced by tourists and increase the separation of recyclable materials by 40%.

Presentation of the Valuable Program

On the 20th, Altis visited the APPT21 and made a donation corresponding to its partnership with Amb3E, managing entity of the Electron Network. 

This donation corresponds to the donation, of a monetary value, as a function of the kg of waste electrical and electronic equipment and lamps delivered to Amb3. Since March 2016, Altis hotels and their collaborators have managed to collect 6 620kg of waste for this project, which corresponds to the value of 620 € donated.

Cooking atelier at the school

As usual in my child's school, the school's parents association (APEE), to which I belong, organizes different activities for children.

On the 14th of October it was held a cooking workshop for the little ones, in which I would be happy to participate, under the theme "Healthy Food Day".

The aim is to encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables, different and creative ways.

I took advantage of this moment of learning and sharing and challenged children to create fresh fruit pepelotes. In this case, we have various types of fruit in aluminum foil, closed like a package and take to the oven. Last few minutes the fruit is ready.

NOTE: Pictures taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Contest Slipper on the Foot

In the ambit of social and environment responsibility the Altis Hotels Group has created a special program that results in collecting, washing and donating slippers, to charities institutions. In an environmental way, this project aims to increase the life cycle of slippers and from the social point of view give comfort to those in need.

In this project, Altis Hotels Group through the creation of a contest to develop a digital logo counted with the participation and involvement of students and professors from the CED colleges Maria Pia and Jacob Rodrigues Pereira.

The delivery of prizes took place on the 8th of April at the Altis Grand Hotel.