Altis Belém breakfast is cover of the magazine Evasões

"Long before brunches came to hotels, the classic breakfast was already "the icing on the cake" of a hotel. To this day and, increasingly, it is one of the most representative elements of a stay." These are the words that can be read at the beginning of this special hotel breakfast article by journalists Marlene Rendeiro and Ana Luísa Santos.

Altis Hotels on Louis Vuitton Guide

The recent guide of Lisbon City byLouis Vuitton has just been released. And in this new edition three hotels, one restaurant and one spa of the Altis Group were chosen to be part of the brand's choices.

Altis Belém Hotel & Spa, Altis Avenida Hotel, Feitoria Restaurant and BSpa by Karin Herzog are once again present in this edition that brings together the best options in Lisbon.
As a newcomer, Altis Grand Hotel becomes part of the range of suggestions given on Lisbon City Guide of Louis Vuitton.

Altis Avenida in the

After the visit of the spanish journalista Maribel Vives to Altis Avenida we find out her opinion in a article published in the

This hotel es classic, urban and chic option, a hotel that will survive with elegance and impact the passage of time, that usually is implacable with those establishments that follow tendencies and fashions.

Altis Grand on a portuguese TV show Espaços & Casas

Altis Grand Hotel on portuguese TV Show "Espaços & Casas", about his Renovation/Remodeling with participation of General Manager Ruben Paula and the architect of interior design, Cristina Santos e Silva.